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How to Insure a Business Vehicle

0 Comments 27 June 2014

Being one of the more important purchases anyone can make, a vehicle not only makes travelling in a more convenient way, but it also helps you become more productive and efficient. This is why many people choose to purchase cars, especially for business purposes. For those who are thinking of purchasing a car for your business, here are tips on how you can insure your vehicle and how it differs from insuring a personal vehicle:

  • When getting an insurance policy for your vehicle, it is important to look at the possible usage of the vehicle. If you are to use your car for personal use, then the standard insurance policy will suffice. But if you will use it for business purposes, then you might want to invest in a business car insurance policy. Although business car insurances are more costly, it is best to get a policy which has a more comprehensive coverage. That way you are rest assured that you are protected in case of any emergency.
  • Do not try to save up on the monthly payments by getting a personal insurance for a vehicle that is used for business purposes. Business car insurance policies are more expensive as they are more comprehensive. Since business vehicles are used for longer periods of time and go through many “change of hands”, it is best to invest in a policy that can be fully maximized in case any of the employees meet some problem on the road.
  • When choosing a business car insurance policy, it is important to see the details of the coverage. Unlike with personal insurance policies which have standard guidelines for their coverage, most business car insurance policies are more diverse. Some insurance policies are more beneficial for those motorists who need to make deliveries or use the vehicle as their main mode of making money such as taxi drivers. Should your vehicle be a key player in your business process, then it would be best to look into commercial car insurance policies. Just make sure you do your due diligence before signing up for any insurance policy.
  • As different types of vehicles have different purposes, it is also good to look into the appropriate insurance policy for your vehicle. With a personal insurance policy, you would just have the usual basic coverage. However it will be different with business car insurance. Should your business entail the use of a truck and a car, then those particular vehicles will have different purposes. As they would be used for different functions, then different kinds of coverage would be needed to suit the kind of vehicle.


Auditing Your Home Office for Productivity

0 Comments 27 June 2014

Having a home office might be one of the easiest ways out for parents who want to work and take care of their children at the same time. It is also a way to reduce the cost for an office space. Instead of renting out an office space in a commercial building where rental fees soar high, a home office reduces the expenses. When you own a home office, you will also have huge deductibles in terms of taxes. In short, the list of advantages in having your own office can go on and on. However, no matter how advantageous it may seem, it also has a few down sides.

To start with, you have to make sure that your office at home looks like a real office and not just an office and a house at the same time. There are strict policies regarding tax deductions for home offices. Since you are working at home, you need to ensure that the place looks really professional. All the homey stuff should be left in a different room. You also need to make the room look like a real office as much as possible.

Decorating the Office

You have to make sure that your office has a waiting area for the clients and a place where you can privately do transactions with them. You should also have a place that is huge enough should people come and go more often. The entrance must also look very professional.

In terms of office fixtures, you need to get something that is quite plain and professional. Don’t decorate your office in the same way that you decorate your home. You need a couch where your clients can wait and tables where you can put magazines and other items for them to read. You need to have a desk, cabinet, drawer, huge table and a computer set. These items will make the room look like a real office.

Keep the Kids Out

Once you are done decorating, the next thing to do is to make sure that you don’t let your kids bother you while working. Get someone to take care of them while you are at work. Tell them not to play around or to mess the fixtures up.

There are a lot of things to consider for a home office and you need to really do them.


How to Run a Hotel as an Owner/Manager

0 Comments 27 June 2014

Photo by Jason Ballard and reproduced under Creative Commons

Running a hotel may seem like a good idea, and in fact it really is as long as you are well prepared to enter in this kind of business. If you are, then it should be a lot of fun for you; but at the same time, it will definitely need a lot of hard work and much effort to make it work.

This kind of business will require you to have more than passion. Most importantly you will need to have a lot of capital to keep it going for you as there will be so much maintenance and other expenses along the way.

To have a hotel business, you will need to know about managing your cash flow efficiently. Additionally,  you must know be knowledgeable about making financial projections for the future; and by future we mean next month, next quarter and next year.

Having cash flow projection is very necessary because it makes you have an idea on where your finances stand.  List down all your expenditures and take note of all the improvements that you are planning to make.  Aside from these, also take into account your loan interests as well as the principal payments. Start with your cash on hand and then take into account all your upcoming receivables from other resources.

Make sure that you write all the details for the cash outlay.  If you sense that you will have a shortfall on your finances, plan ahead and loan if you must.  Remember that it is always better to ready.

More than money, there are also other things that you must consider when running a hotel business.  Before you even start, have a feasible business plan so that you will have a guide.  Choose your location very well and if possible choose a place where there is something interesting for you and your clients.  Check your competitors as well and it would be nice if you learn a new language so you can communicate with your foreign clients.

Know your business type because this will determine your staffing needs, and be aware of employment laws in your area.


Business 2012 exhibition in London was one of my favorites

0 Comments 15 September 2014

Ever been to a business exhibition? Well, if no, you are lacking on something great and if yes, then you will agree with me that it is very helpful to every business person. I have read various ideas about business exhibition and I have come to realize that it depends with the expectations of the ones that you are networking with.

One of the common trends has been to skip cards for you to able to create an impression that you are not trying to sell something. When it comes to a sale relationship, a card can send the wrong message. On the other hand, if you want people to be able to contact you, the card is the easiest. I attended an exhibition in 2012 and I realized that people need to have cards, but they should use them judiciously. It is good to judge the appropriateness of the situation and give your cards accordingly.

One of the best ways to get your business noticed is to attend exhibitions and trade shows. This is because you are able to meet your clients in person and also exhibit your business. But even as you prepare to exhibit your business, it is good to understand that your appearance should be as great as your product. For example, there is no way you would showcase whitening toothpaste while your teeth are decolorized. It is therefore, good to ensure you whiten your teeth to prove to the people that your product works. Also, you should be in good health. Will determine how effective your networking in the business exhibition will be. The last thing you would wish is having a congested chest while with respected people. I myself had a congested chest and so what I did, I looked for chest congestion remedies and I was ready to mingle.

In that business exhibition, I checked at the demographic of the place and I noticed that there was an indiscriminate mix of age, experience, class, and ethnicity and I realized that anyone can be commercially propulsive when they are backed by a good idea, the right tools, a sound business plan, advice, and contracts for the job.

A business exhibition is not an onslaught of sales pitches. I was able to explore aisles and stands of services and ideas that are conducive for my business plan. It was exciting listening to experts giving insightful, practical, and anecdotal information. I got an opportunity to network with like minded people and I also made contacts that help me to date.

Benefits of business exhibitions
By attending the exhibition, I got the opportunity to get a personal connection with potential customers. I the current world, we usually rely on technology to do everything, but at times people respond better to one on one consultation with an individual. By attending these exhibitions, you will be able to speak to your clients and know exactly what they think about your product.

Another benefit is that attending business exhibition gives you an opportunity to check out your competition. In most cases, products are duplicated by several companies. These products may have a slight variation but you will be able to get same overall experience. As you market your products or service, you will be able to discover how your competitors market their version.

I never regret having attended that business exhibition because it opened my eyes and I realized the importance of attending every exhibition, every year. My business moved from one level to the other, all thanks to my royal clients that I managed to get from that business exhibition.


Next Step Get A Job

0 Comments 15 September 2014

School is finally over.  You are an official graduate, and ready to take the world by storm.  Now you just need the perfect job – the one with 2 weeks of vacation (available right away), hours Monday through Friday from 9 am – 5pm, a corner office (complete with your own personal secretary) and a large paycheck with even larger bonuses – because you will be the perfect employee!

Unfortunately, employers who are staffing for these positions are rarely advertising on street corners (and if they are, the position probably involves illegal activity).  Employers expect you to have a complete resume for them to review. 

Being a new graduate, you have never seen a resume, and you certainly do not know how to build a resume!  Your part-time job at McDonalds that provided spending money throughout school certainly never required you to make a resume.  You have no idea where to even start or what is important to include when you build a resume.   

Learning how to do a resume is not hard, but can be time-consuming.  There are entire books on the market that are dedicated to creating the “perfect” resume.   However, there is no reason for you to spend a fortune on books – after all, you are unemployed and probably want to save your money for that 2-week vacation that is coming.  There are various things that can make your resume stand out from others – both in a positive and in a negative way – that you need to know about before you send off your resume for that perfect job.   

Now that it is time to start the job search process you probably want to get some help building that resume. The goal of a resume is to capture the attention of recruiters very quickly with a document that is impressive in appearance while still communicating the unique assets you are offering to the company.   If you are looking for ways to build your resume, then an online resume builder can be invaluable. 

Research the websites before starting your resume, paying particular attention to websites that are highly rated by other users.  There are multiple websites that provide reviews of resume programs. is a well-respected, widely used website that offers visitors the opportunity to download more than 150,000 programs and applications legally.  Along with this service, features various articles such as most-popular lists, editorial reviews, blogs, and how-to articles to help you determine which program best fits your needs.   

Tech is one of the most widely read tech blogs on the internet. The site covers the latest trends and technologies that are impacting our daily life.  Tech also published technology related articles, application reviews, previews, and how-to guides.  

TechGYD (pronounced as Tech Guide) is a relatively-new technology blog that focuses on consumer technology. Started in late 2012, the website provides readers with tips, tutorials, and reviews on software, web technologies, social media and blogging.

The best resume builders also offer you help to compose content for your resume that effectively communicates your specific qualifications and strengths.  The major disadvantage to an online resume builder is the fact that the program will enter in the information exactly like you type it – misspellings, inaccuracies, and inconsistencies included.   Because of this, make sure that the site you choose allows for ongoing previews of information being submitted as well as free edits of the “finished” product.


How Usage Based Car Insurance is Changing The Insurance Industry

0 Comments 10 September 2014

If you think that your car insurance company is overcharging you, you are not alone. Most insurance companies use a plethora of data, such as car value, traffic tickets, age of the driver and the car, number of accidents, and even your credit rating to increase the insurance premium. Also, they charge you the same premium even if you drive fewer than 10,000 miles in a year. Of course, there are companies like Liberty Mutual and Cornmarket that offer discounts if you drive less than 10,000 miles in a year. However, these companies don’t charge directly per mile.

What is pay as you drive motor insurance?

Based on, your car insurance rate and the premiums you pay directly related to how much you drive during the policy period. If you drive more during the policy term, you will have to pay more. On the other hand, you have to pay less if you drive less, this is called usage based insurance. Risk factors are taken into account when calculating the premium per mile. For instance, a high-risk motorist will pay more premiums per unit when compared to low-risk drivers.

How does MetroMile help car owners?

Metromile is a startup that is focused on only offering pay-as-you-drive insurance. Customers of the company are given a tracking device known as Metronome, which is fixed beneath the dashboard. The company charges a fixed rate of $20 to $45 a month, plus up to 5 cents a mile. The rates will remain unchanged unless you are involved in an accident, incur a ticket, or when you change regions. The rate charged by this provider can reduce insurance cost substantially, especially for those who live in cities and usually drive less than the national average. It is a break from the traditional one-size-fits-all insurance rates, which forces people to pay high premium even if they drive less. It is transparent, fair, and cheaper than a traditional motor insurance policy. Also, it gives the insured complete control over their insurance cost. For instance, if they want to reduce insurance cost, they can drive less and reduce their monthly premium.

How is distance travelled during the policy term calculated?

Metronome, which is given by the company to its customers, is plugged into the on-board diagnostic port of the car. This port is usually found under the steering column of the vehicle. The diagnostic port is the electronic pulse of the vehicle and it is used to transmit info to everyone from emission test facilities to insurance providers. Most insurance companies use this device to check the driving pattern of car owners. However, this insurance company only use it to track mileage. Some of the other benefits of the app include:

  • Gas Optimization: Drivers can use the app to see how their driving patterns are affecting fuel efficiency. It also helps them check the exact gas cost for each trip.
  • Smart Commuting: The app analyzes how the driver commutes and suggests the best time to leave home.
  • Find Your Vehicle: If your vehicle is parked blocks away, you can use this app to find your vehicle.
  • Engine Diagnostics: This device can also be used to check the condition of the engine.

How it is changing the insurance industry

With the launch of per-mile insurance, companies such as MetroMile have revolutionized the car insurance industry. Per-mile insurance will not only reduce insurance costs, but will also reduce global warming and improve quality of air. The success of these start-ups is disrupting to their industry and forcing many providers to offer usage-based insurance. I know first hand how difficult it is to start a new business, but when you have a great idea with customer, or better yet fans, your business that growth can be so much easier.


Business Benefits of Working Out

0 Comments 08 September 2014

When it comes to having a successful business, one of the most surprising things that can go hand in hand with being a successful businessman is to be in shape. There are a number of reasons that fitness and success in business are joined together. For instance, people that are physically fit are healthier and are therefore better able to stand up to the rigours of starting a business of their own, which can be immensely stressful at times.

Those who have a routine workout regimen have a tendency to handle stress better than those that are in poor physical condition. Furthermore, people that are in good shape have a tendency to be able to stave off illnesses better than other individuals and this can help when it comes to the long hours that are involved in starting a new business. As if that were not enough, people that are physically fit are also able to concentrate better and therefore, they can focus their attention on a single topic for longer periods of time. This is a tremendous asset for anyone that is starting a business because that is exactly the type of attention to detail that is required in order to be successful in any business.

Therefore, it is important that anyone that is starting up a business have an ability to get the necessary level of exercise on a daily basis, even when long hours are spent in the office. Installing pull up bars or similar types of exercise equipment in the office is an ideal way to get the necessary level of physical activity without having to take time out of the day in order to go to the gym. Dedicating a small area of the office to fitness equipment and using that equipment during a lunch hour or before work starts in the morning is an excellent way to get geared up for the day ahead and maintain a high level of concentration throughout each and every task.

There are so many benefits to having a way to exercise at the office that it is crucial to the success of starting a new business. When a businessman is just starting a new project, it often involves incredibly long hours and the level of fatigue that is experienced can become so great that it seems like it is almost insurmountable. One of the most effective ways to combat that feeling of fatigue is to exercise. Therefore, having pull up bars or some other type of exercise equipment right there in the office allows individuals to get a quick workout and refresh both their body and their mind in order to get back on track and continue to deal with the demands of business that occur throughout the day.

In addition, exercising has a tendency to clear the mind and allow each individual to be more creative. A person that is starting a new business and is at his creative best is much more likely to succeed than someone who is exhausted and frustrated, merely going through the motions of showing up at the office and attempting in vain to get something accomplished. On the other hand, the person that is refreshed will be able to get all of those things accomplished and continue on to far surpass the expectations of anyone involved with the project.

Fitness is vitally important in virtually every walk of life, but it holds a special level of significance for someone who is starting a new company because it offers all of the benefits that are required in order to succeed. Successful people do not have time to be too tired to focus, nor do they have time to take off work due to illness. Staying fit can correct all of these problems and also provide that creative burst of energy that is so often required to have the next great idea that will lead to an even greater level of success.


How to Start an Insurance Company for Pets

0 Comments 06 September 2014

Pets are very prone to diseases and accidents just like human beings. The urge for forming insurance companies for pets was driven by the common problems that face pets in all parts of the world. Before forming an insurance company for pets, it’s very paramount that one gets the knowledge on various conditions that affect pets. Not just conditions, but common conditions that affect most of the pets reared regardless of species and age so as to be able to formulate the insurance covers for these animals.

A study should be conducted by veterinary officers before the company is formed to ensure important diseases and their types are covered in the insurance plan.Formulating insurance covers for your company can be dictated by various factors depending on which area you think will attract many customers and the capability of your company in making compensation. You can choose to make insurance covers on the various types of animals, e.g., cat insurance, dog insurance or exotic pets insurance. Insurance covers can also be made on the basis of diseases affecting pets. Visit to learn more about different pet health insurance companies.

Types of insurance covers for pets

Insurance covers must be designed to touch all common conditions affecting pets for the sake of attracting customers and efficient compensation. Below are the must haves for any insurance company for pets.

Coverage for cancer conditions. Cancer is known to affect many pets. Its epidemiology reveals that it affects many pets in their old age leading to serious deterioration of the pet’s health. The condition is becoming common to most pets because of the food that they eat every day, modernized food to be specific that stimulate the abnormal growth of cells in their bodies leading to cancer.

Include chronic diseases coverage that will ensure the management of diseases that stay for a long time before they heal. This may involve heart problems like hypertension, valve disorders and congestive heart failure. Kidney diseases can also be chronic as well to many pets. Coverage of these diseases attracts more customers since they are common to all types of pets.

There is the continual treatment for chronic diseases coverage that many pet health insurance companies have put in place. This cover has continued to attract people because their pets are being taken care of on long term basis with free treatment and management. Some of these companies include Healthy pet insurance, Embrace pet insurance and Pets best insurance. These covers have greatly propelled the growth of these companies since they have attracted many people.

How to form pet Insurance Company

Before indulging into pet insurance company, one is required to contact the necessary authorities to get a license of forming a company in a country. For the success of the company, you will also be required to go through training on this type of insurance to acquire reliable experience. The experience will aid in proper running of the business.

Pet health insurance is based on customer’s satisfaction through services offered to their pet. This is why ratings and reviews are important in this line of business. Read more on The Best Pet Health Insurance Reviews to learn more about what people say about different pet insurances.

In this line of business, one needs to be serious to avoid failure. After the training one is required to apply to become an insurance company before selling their insurance products to people.


How (and Why) My Friend Sold His Family Funeral Home Business and Started A Kayak & Canoe Shop

0 Comments 04 September 2014

Selling a business can be very challenging as it needs wise thinking. You will need to think critically when you need to change courses, in terms of selling your current business to open another. It gets more challenging if you need to change the niche of your business. Just like my friend, Frank, chose a Kayak & Canoe shop over a family funeral home business. The two are very diverse, and despite that, he was successful at it and the current business is booming. But how did he pull it through? What really made him make that decision?

The Time Was Right

Being a family business, the business was well known in the locality and it had some loyal customers as well. This made him weigh the odds and determine how profitable it would be. Typically, many people tend to sell their business when it is declining. On the contrary, when the business is on a declining trend, it will not get much potential clients. With the many potential buyers around, Frank decided to sell his business, and there were a lot of bids that were offered.

Possibility of the Business to Survive Without The Owner

Several people were close to the initial owners of the business, and by this, they understood how the business was managed. This gave Frank confidence that the business would still thrive, even without him running it. In addition, one of the bidders once owned a funeral home and already knew how to deal with the funeral insurance providers (this can get complicated since funeral coverage plans can get tricky), which encouraged Frank to sell to them as it will make the transition smooth and less of a learning curve for the buyer.

Qualified Potential Buyers

This is an option that people tend to ignore most. Even though you might be in dire need to sell your business, you must keep in mind that it still needs to be active. It would be better if you shut down the business, rather than sell it to anyone who just shows up. It is the same way that Frank did, whereby, he filtered the bidders to about 5 people, and held a confidential meeting with them. At the meeting, Frank asked them about how much they understood the funeral home business. He added some tips to the most qualified, which made him sure of having the family business still running, even if it was to have new owners.

Following His Dreams

Ever since frank was growing, he had this passion of having a Canoe shop, and finally, he decided to go for his dream. This was inspired by a then professional local skipper, who had a canoe and owned a shop that sold the things he loved most (canoes and kayaks). Frank has always loved fishing on kayaks as he felt it was closest he could get to nature without disturbing it. It was a no brainer for him to follow his passion and equipped with the capital (from the sale of the family funeral business), he opened his dream shop.

Lucky for him, he was already very active in the kayaking community and frequently shared his opinions and insights on fishing kayaks at the website. A review site founded by a fellow kayaker that appreciates the same sport as Frank on the best kayaks for angling and recreational fishing alike.

Frank even approached him as a partner to make a deal and advertise his new shop on his website for a faster exposure. A deal they both benefited from.

The most important thing about selling a business to open another is to ensure that business is ready for the market. You should be able to win customers, without any need of pushing to convince them to buy the business. If the business can draw many buyers, then you will be sure of selling it at a higher price, which will generate you enough funds to open the desired business.

Being self-employed is nothing new to Frank, so starting a business from the ground up and having all the right insurance policies are all taken care of, allowing him to focus on what matters most, growing the new business.


A Story Of An Online Website Company That Has Found Success Selling Subscriptions For Their Online Pregnancy Test Calculator.

0 Comments 29 August 2014

Online website companies are the new modern way to run a business. Online businesses boomed with the invention of the internet and it hasn’t slowed down since it started. The medium has opened up a whole new world for business, commercially, socially, and in every way imaginable, things are just getting done faster, and more effectively. What is so innovative about this way of doing business that truly revolutionized the business world is that you can make a small investment, run a totally mobile business, and enjoy great returns. Yes, the internet business model is here to stay and is working wonders for millions of smart, savvy, entrepreneurs.

But how can you get in on the action? Anyone can get in on the internet and online business trend. You just have to do some simple research and make sure that you understand your market. It is almost inevitable that you will have success. If you have an established business already, a traditional business with a good website and solid online presence will boost your current revenue. If you are selling online then take a page out of the advice book of an online website company I recently encountered. This company achieved great success selling subscriptions for an online pregnancy test calculator. First of all, it is advisable to set up a good website. The website doesn’t need fancy frills and trims. The simpler the design, the more effective the website is likely to be. This is according to research anyway. You then need to get clients. This can be done through marketing your website and services off the internet, example, by placing advertisements in newspapers and journals.

You could however make your presence entirely online by even limiting your advertisements to the internet. This can be done in a multitude of ways. First of all, you can advertise with banner ads on other peoples websites or blogs. You would most likely choose products and services that are linked to the service you are selling. The other option you have is to build a mailing list. A good way to do this is by building your social network presence. For this you need to network on Twitter, Facebook, and the like. It has been said that you don’t need a huge mailing list. So you don’t need five hundred or more followers on Facebook. A smaller mailing list can be more effective if you have targeted the right people who truly are interested in your product. The online company I’m suggesting you take advice from is a company that was started by a medical professional. He very cleverly decided to set up a website (a blog) discussing various issues relevant to pregnant women. Part of his website has a subscription service. So how it works is that certain bits are offered to users for free, but certain other bits you have to pay a subscription fee to get access to. Specifically, they were selling subscriptions to their online pregnancy test calculator. A good way to have a successful subscription selling site is to offer some information for free, and then in that way to pool your clients.


Start-up Companies getting Success and Appreciation

0 Comments 24 August 2014

Today’s hard and fast life is all about accessing things as quickly as possible. Business has become so cut throat that one mistake and you’re out of the game. And in this same world, starting your own business or company is a huge risk that only the daring take. Since the major problem lies in the fact that for each and every field there are already thousands of competitors. To enter a market where you are new is not only risky but also adventurous. It rattles your mind to come up with new and innovative ideas to be a class apart from the common businesses. Brain storming and analyzing each and every tactic becomes essential. People like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates didn’t reached to the top from the very beginning. They had an idea, and passion to do something different.

For example, take the reference of It is a company that provides payday loans. You might wonder what’s new in that. Well everything. This is no ordinary financial company; rather it is a company provides these services to their customers through mobile applications. This company was the first to do so. And rightly get such a great recognition for creating such a unique idea. It was the first ever company to provide easy and convenient lending application on iPhone. Not only that, tablets and mobiles work equivalently to get secured and personal loans online. Operating in Spain, it also operates in other countries like Canada, Germany, Poland and few other countries.

This company got a huge success in Spain and it was recently feature by Payday Loan Review website as one of the best services for this year. The website is well known around Spain for its accurate reviews for Internet loan services and online credits. After such a positive review from, reported an increase in users from Spain by a 40% rate.
Such innovative ideas need a lot of build up. They just begin as a thought, and the person needs to cultivate it into a practical one. Making it concrete is a whole new different level. Businesses take up a lot of effort, but definitely they are worth it, it provides the thrill and excitement of any adventure sports. The only thing important is taking a leap of faith and following your plan with as much conviction as possible. Starting a business becomes easy if you yourself believe in your idea and business. Putting in equal hard work is necessary too.

Overall, if you are interested in knowing more about the technology that support these type of companies, what type of algorithm they use to accept candidates, or where these companies get their initial capital, please subscribe to our weekly newsletter. This week we will be discussing about these topics and we will have an exclusive interview with our Span Partner about How to get rid of your debts (Original Title: Cómo salir de las deudas). Moreover, if you have any other questions and would like us to help you clarify it, don’t hesitate to contact us through our contact form of by leaving your comments below.


A Startup That Actually Makes Shipping Easy

0 Comments 20 August 2014

QUESTION: I need to find a shipping companyfind a shipping company to move my furniture from Texas to Arizona. My only option is to start calling around and get a quote, right?”

Until recently, the answer was most likely been “yes.” Even worse, you had little or no bargaining power. But, ShipHawk is transforming the way the shipping industry does business. This startup makes shipping easy by doing all the legwork for you. In just one three-minute phone call or online chat, you can get accurate shipping quotes from over 60 national and regional shippers, like Roadrunner Transportation, Greyhound, Con-Way, Daylight Transport, Pilot Freight Service and more. Even better, because we do business in volume, we can negotiate a better price for your individual shipment. What was once a worrisome chore can now be nearly trouble-free.

How It Works
When you contact us, we’ll use a proprietary calculator to accurately predict your actual cost. So, when we forward your information to vendors, we know when you’re getting the best possible quote. We take everything into account, not only vital statistics like weight and mileage, but also weather conditions, fuel prices, seasonal shipping patterns and other things that affect your cost.

We can arrange a one-time shipping episode with a carrier that you know and trust. Since all the negotiation and pricing is done upfront, there are no hidden fees and no surprises. If your business needs a regular shipper, you’ve also come to the right place. We can help arrange a standard pickup and drop-off schedule and negotiate the best possible rate, so your prices are competitive. Whatever you need to move, and whatever your timetable and other constraints, we’re here to help.

What We Do
Most ShipHawk shipping moves are smaller jobs of less than 30 items. We can also do larger jobs, even a car! And trust us, it’s a lot more complicated than just putting someone behind the wheel and driving it somewhere.

· Bedroom Set: A typical three-piece bedroom set – bed, chest of drawers and nightstand – needs to be carefully packed at the source and moved by experienced professionals to avoid damage, especially if it’s an antique or heirloom set. ShipHawk can make it all happen, with one phone call.

· Dining Set: Lightweight chairs have lots of fragile parts, and tables have vulnerable curves and edges. ShipHawk can arrange a professional move that protects your stuff, and you can concentrate on other aspects of your move.

· Living Room Furniture: Most sofas, loveseats and loungers are heavy and difficult to move. It’s important to hire a reliable shipper that knows how to do the job. At ShipHawk, we choose our partners carefully to help ensure the best possible move.

· Boxes: You don’t want someone who will throw your boxes into a pickup truck and take off, but you do want someone who provides the most cost-effective shipping. That’s what we’re here for.

Moving should be the exciting start of a new adventure. At ShipHawk, we can also make it the start of a lasting, worry-free partnership. Contact us now to get your free quote.


What’s Required To Get Started As A Chiropractor?

0 Comments 14 August 2014

So you want to become a chiropractor but you don’t know what is required of you or where to begin. The first place to start is to make sure that you know exactly what the job entails. So let’s begin with the most basic of things and define what a chiropractor actually is. It is correct to describe a chiropractor as a type of doctor. Of course, a chiropractor is not your traditional type of doctor, as they practice what is often classified as an alternative form of medicine. Specifically, they specialize in medicine by working in a manual way (they work with their hands), and they specifically focus on the neuromusculoskeletal disorders. This is the only area of medicine they work in, but they offer a holistic treatment, from diagnosing your problem through to treating it and even offering you ways to prevent the disorder from returning or recurring. In order for a chiropractor to give a proper treatment to the patient, they will start by obtaining a complete medical history from the patient.

Usually a chiropractors office will furnish a new patient with a form to fill in, this form will entail questions about previous medical conditions, current conditions and any medications the patient is taking will have to be disclosed. The next thing they will do is that they will have a one on one consultation with the patient. This will be very similar to a doctor patient consultation as with your traditional medical doctor. The chiropractor will listen to your description of your ailments, and using his expertise, he will make a diagnosis of your problem. He will then have to work out a treatment plan and may even recommend exercise as a form of therapy, and he may also suggest counseling to improve your diet and encourage you toward a healthier lifestyle. They whole system of chiropractic is based on the premise that the nervous system is the central component of our health and controls how our bodies work.

The chiropractor manually manipulates the spine for the purpose of taking undue pressure off your nervous system and your spine. This release of pressure will then in turn help your body to heal on its own. Some people believe in this while others will always remain skeptics. Chiropractic is however gaining recognition as a medical science and in order to qualify as a chiropractor you have to study as a technician to qualify. Beware of quacks who do not have a proper qualification. They could very easily end up hurting you and causing more damage, especially as the spine is a very delicate and important part of the human body. The best work for a chiropractor is to start and run your own business. This means that you will have to start building up a client base. It is very fulfilling work, provides a lot of flexibility in your work hours and can lead to the higher end of salaries. If you are going to run your own chiropractic business then the same principles as any other business applies. It is not a bad idea to take a business course or a management course.

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