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How to Insure a Business Vehicle

0 Comments 27 June 2014

Being one of the more important purchases anyone can make, a vehicle not only makes travelling in a more convenient way, but it also helps you become more productive and efficient. This is why many people choose to purchase cars, especially for business purposes. For those who are thinking of purchasing a car for your business, here are tips on how you can insure your vehicle and how it differs from insuring a personal vehicle:

  • When getting an insurance policy for your vehicle, it is important to look at the possible usage of the vehicle. If you are to use your car for personal use, then the standard insurance policy will suffice. But if you will use it for business purposes, then you might want to invest in a business car insurance policy. Although business car insurances are more costly, it is best to get a policy which has a more comprehensive coverage. That way you are rest assured that you are protected in case of any emergency.
  • Do not try to save up on the monthly payments by getting a personal insurance for a vehicle that is used for business purposes. Business car insurance policies are more expensive as they are more comprehensive. Since business vehicles are used for longer periods of time and go through many “change of hands”, it is best to invest in a policy that can be fully maximized in case any of the employees meet some problem on the road.
  • When choosing a business car insurance policy, it is important to see the details of the coverage. Unlike with personal insurance policies which have standard guidelines for their coverage, most business car insurance policies are more diverse. Some insurance policies are more beneficial for those motorists who need to make deliveries or use the vehicle as their main mode of making money such as taxi drivers. Should your vehicle be a key player in your business process, then it would be best to look into commercial car insurance policies. Just make sure you do your due diligence before signing up for any insurance policy.
  • As different types of vehicles have different purposes, it is also good to look into the appropriate insurance policy for your vehicle. With a personal insurance policy, you would just have the usual basic coverage. However it will be different with business car insurance. Should your business entail the use of a truck and a car, then those particular vehicles will have different purposes. As they would be used for different functions, then different kinds of coverage would be needed to suit the kind of vehicle.


Auditing Your Home Office for Productivity

0 Comments 27 June 2014

Having a home office might be one of the easiest ways out for parents who want to work and take care of their children at the same time. It is also a way to reduce the cost for an office space. Instead of renting out an office space in a commercial building where rental fees soar high, a home office reduces the expenses. When you own a home office, you will also have huge deductibles in terms of taxes. In short, the list of advantages in having your own office can go on and on. However, no matter how advantageous it may seem, it also has a few down sides.

To start with, you have to make sure that your office at home looks like a real office and not just an office and a house at the same time. There are strict policies regarding tax deductions for home offices. Since you are working at home, you need to ensure that the place looks really professional. All the homey stuff should be left in a different room. You also need to make the room look like a real office as much as possible.

Decorating the Office

You have to make sure that your office has a waiting area for the clients and a place where you can privately do transactions with them. You should also have a place that is huge enough should people come and go more often. The entrance must also look very professional.

In terms of office fixtures, you need to get something that is quite plain and professional. Don’t decorate your office in the same way that you decorate your home. You need a couch where your clients can wait and tables where you can put magazines and other items for them to read. You need to have a desk, cabinet, drawer, huge table and a computer set. These items will make the room look like a real office.

Keep the Kids Out

Once you are done decorating, the next thing to do is to make sure that you don’t let your kids bother you while working. Get someone to take care of them while you are at work. Tell them not to play around or to mess the fixtures up.

There are a lot of things to consider for a home office and you need to really do them.


How to Run a Hotel as an Owner/Manager

0 Comments 27 June 2014

Photo by Jason Ballard and reproduced under Creative Commons

Running a hotel may seem like a good idea, and in fact it really is as long as you are well prepared to enter in this kind of business. If you are, then it should be a lot of fun for you; but at the same time, it will definitely need a lot of hard work and much effort to make it work.

This kind of business will require you to have more than passion. Most importantly you will need to have a lot of capital to keep it going for you as there will be so much maintenance and other expenses along the way.

To have a hotel business, you will need to know about managing your cash flow efficiently. Additionally,  you must know be knowledgeable about making financial projections for the future; and by future we mean next month, next quarter and next year.

Having cash flow projection is very necessary because it makes you have an idea on where your finances stand.  List down all your expenditures and take note of all the improvements that you are planning to make.  Aside from these, also take into account your loan interests as well as the principal payments. Start with your cash on hand and then take into account all your upcoming receivables from other resources.

Make sure that you write all the details for the cash outlay.  If you sense that you will have a shortfall on your finances, plan ahead and loan if you must.  Remember that it is always better to ready.

More than money, there are also other things that you must consider when running a hotel business.  Before you even start, have a feasible business plan so that you will have a guide.  Choose your location very well and if possible choose a place where there is something interesting for you and your clients.  Check your competitors as well and it would be nice if you learn a new language so you can communicate with your foreign clients.

Know your business type because this will determine your staffing needs, and be aware of employment laws in your area.


A Startup That Actually Makes Shipping Easy

0 Comments 20 August 2014

QUESTION: I need to find a shipping companyfind a shipping company to move my furniture from Texas to Arizona. My only option is to start calling around and get a quote, right?”

Until recently, the answer was most likely been “yes.” Even worse, you had little or no bargaining power. But, ShipHawk is transforming the way the shipping industry does business. This startup makes shipping easy by doing all the legwork for you. In just one three-minute phone call or online chat, you can get accurate shipping quotes from over 60 national and regional shippers, like Roadrunner Transportation, Greyhound, Con-Way, Daylight Transport, Pilot Freight Service and more. Even better, because we do business in volume, we can negotiate a better price for your individual shipment. What was once a worrisome chore can now be nearly trouble-free.

How It Works
When you contact us, we’ll use a proprietary calculator to accurately predict your actual cost. So, when we forward your information to vendors, we know when you’re getting the best possible quote. We take everything into account, not only vital statistics like weight and mileage, but also weather conditions, fuel prices, seasonal shipping patterns and other things that affect your cost.

We can arrange a one-time shipping episode with a carrier that you know and trust. Since all the negotiation and pricing is done upfront, there are no hidden fees and no surprises. If your business needs a regular shipper, you’ve also come to the right place. We can help arrange a standard pickup and drop-off schedule and negotiate the best possible rate, so your prices are competitive. Whatever you need to move, and whatever your timetable and other constraints, we’re here to help.

What We Do
Most ShipHawk shipping moves are smaller jobs of less than 30 items. We can also do larger jobs, even a car! And trust us, it’s a lot more complicated than just putting someone behind the wheel and driving it somewhere.

· Bedroom Set: A typical three-piece bedroom set – bed, chest of drawers and nightstand – needs to be carefully packed at the source and moved by experienced professionals to avoid damage, especially if it’s an antique or heirloom set. ShipHawk can make it all happen, with one phone call.

· Dining Set: Lightweight chairs have lots of fragile parts, and tables have vulnerable curves and edges. ShipHawk can arrange a professional move that protects your stuff, and you can concentrate on other aspects of your move.

· Living Room Furniture: Most sofas, loveseats and loungers are heavy and difficult to move. It’s important to hire a reliable shipper that knows how to do the job. At ShipHawk, we choose our partners carefully to help ensure the best possible move.

· Boxes: You don’t want someone who will throw your boxes into a pickup truck and take off, but you do want someone who provides the most cost-effective shipping. That’s what we’re here for.

Moving should be the exciting start of a new adventure. At ShipHawk, we can also make it the start of a lasting, worry-free partnership. Contact us now to get your free quote.


What’s Required To Get Started As A Chiropractor?

0 Comments 14 August 2014

So you want to become a chiropractor but you don’t know what is required of you or where to begin. The first place to start is to make sure that you know exactly what the job entails. So let’s begin with the most basic of things and define what a chiropractor actually is. It is correct to describe a chiropractor as a type of doctor. Of course, a chiropractor is not your traditional type of doctor, as they practice what is often classified as an alternative form of medicine. Specifically, they specialize in medicine by working in a manual way (they work with their hands), and they specifically focus on the neuromusculoskeletal disorders. This is the only area of medicine they work in, but they offer a holistic treatment, from diagnosing your problem through to treating it and even offering you ways to prevent the disorder from returning or recurring. In order for a chiropractor to give a proper treatment to the patient, they will start by obtaining a complete medical history from the patient.

Usually a chiropractors office will furnish a new patient with a form to fill in, this form will entail questions about previous medical conditions, current conditions and any medications the patient is taking will have to be disclosed. The next thing they will do is that they will have a one on one consultation with the patient. This will be very similar to a doctor patient consultation as with your traditional medical doctor. The chiropractor will listen to your description of your ailments, and using his expertise, he will make a diagnosis of your problem. He will then have to work out a treatment plan and may even recommend exercise as a form of therapy, and he may also suggest counseling to improve your diet and encourage you toward a healthier lifestyle. They whole system of chiropractic is based on the premise that the nervous system is the central component of our health and controls how our bodies work.

The chiropractor manually manipulates the spine for the purpose of taking undue pressure off your nervous system and your spine. This release of pressure will then in turn help your body to heal on its own. Some people believe in this while others will always remain skeptics. Chiropractic is however gaining recognition as a medical science and in order to qualify as a chiropractor you have to study as a technician to qualify. Beware of quacks who do not have a proper qualification. They could very easily end up hurting you and causing more damage, especially as the spine is a very delicate and important part of the human body. The best work for a chiropractor is to start and run your own business. This means that you will have to start building up a client base. It is very fulfilling work, provides a lot of flexibility in your work hours and can lead to the higher end of salaries. If you are going to run your own chiropractic business then the same principles as any other business applies. It is not a bad idea to take a business course or a management course.


How a small Australian concrete company grew over 1000% in less than 6 months

0 Comments 13 August 2014

The type of person that automatically springs to mind when one mentions ‘entrepreneurship’ or ‘successful start-ups‘ is a young, tech focused, business minded university graduate.
You would never expect to hear the term ‘Concrete’ thrown around when talking about successful start-ups, but Nathan Aquilina from Mason group, a concreting company, is determined to break the old stereotype of concreting just being a job for ‘Bogans’.
Mason group specializes in concreting solutions for the residential sector, and more specifically they focus on foundations, driveways, and street footpaths.
It’s unusual to be talking about such a business in the world of start-ups, but they are doing considerably well in an unusual environment, so let’s take a look at the big vision projections from a once-small player in the industry.



Nathan Aquilina, his brother Sean, and friend Ben Micallef, started the business in 2011, with just the three of them, and average industry results. In October 2011, they were earning $30 000 per month, and by January 2012 they reached a staggering $300 000 per month turnover, representing a growth of 1000%
The company has also grown over tenfold, as they now have a full-time team of over 15 staff and employ up to 25 contractors per concreting job. These results are astonishing, as they are rapid yet sustained results.
At 25 years old, Mr. Aquilina is turning over an astonishing $1.6 million dollars and aims to hit over $2 million in the next few months. His goal is turn the company into a $100 million company within 10 years, which is a huge (yet achievable goal) for a residential concreting company.


What they are doing differently

It is easy to see that Mason group concreting is doing things differently from their competitors, and this is why they are seeing huge results. The concreting industry and its workers have a negative image in Australia. They are usually seen as being ‘rough and rude’. Mason group is creating a new and different image, which is helping them stand out in a crowded marketplace. They have strict uniform guidelines, and have a range of systems in place to receive and feedback, which they then strive to improve on.
Staff and customers are well-taken care of alike, which also differentiates the company. Customers have the opportunity to provide honest and critical feedback (which is rare in the concreting industry) and staff are kept happy. In the construction industry, keeping tradesman happy (contractors and employees) is hugely important for a smooth running project. Offering roster-ed days off, or providing them with high quality personal protective equipment, such as high quality work boots, can result in huge productivity boots.


Plans for the future

The Mason group is growing fast, and huge plans have been laid out for the future, including acquisitions of key suppliers and competitors, and investments into technology. It’s been reported that the Mason group has invested at least $50 000 to take the paper-based business online, and to allow clients to monitor job progress in real time.
Such strategies are rarely seen in the residential construction industry. Mr. Aquilina’s forward thinking attitude and determination to try new things is likely the reason for the company’s rapid success. It shows that no matter what industry a business is in, entrepreneurial attitudes and actions can have dramatic effects on growth.


To Lease Or To Buy: That Is The Question

0 Comments 10 August 2014

Deciding to lease or purchase a vehicle is a particularly vexing question for businesses today, because each has advantages and disadvantages.

Sorting out those differences will not be extremely hard. The ultimate decision will be based on the cash flow and needs of the company.

Businesses face this decision frequently, whether they have a pool of cars for use by a large group of employees, or a few cars that are assigned to certain officers, department heads, salesmen and others.

There are a couple of points to be understood about leasing and purchasing that need to be considered when making that final decision.

Usually a higher level of liability and collision insurance is required on a leased vehicle than on a purchased vehicle, resulting in a more expensive premium, which is already higher because it is being used as a commercial vehicle.

General Obligations That Accompany A Leased Vehicle

• When a car is leased, it is for a set period of time and a specific number of miles. If the mileage is exceeded, the company will have to pay for the use that exceeds the terms of the lease. Usually, higher insurance coverage is required for leased vehicles than purchased vehicles.

Advantage of Depreciation vs. Paying Interest

• Once, the interest on a leased car was a tax-deductible item. That is not true any longer. However, when a car is purchased, depreciation can be claimed. Furthermore, there is no limitation on the mileage and for the first 24 or 36 months, depending on the leasing company, the purchased car will have the same warranty coverage as the leased car.

Residual Value Should Be Considered

• With leased cars, the option exists to buy the car at the end of the term knowing the residual value. Some cars do not depreciate as quickly as others, thus the vehicle could be worth more than the residual value.

Limitations On Leasing Terms Vs. Financing Terms

• When leasing a car, the lease is handled by the automobile company. When purchasing a vehicle, the customer has the right to negotiate the best interest rate possible, either with the dealership leasing the car or with any area bank or credit union.

To sum it up, the decision depends on cash flow, the desire to take the tax advantage of depreciation on a purchased car and not having to pay a fee for driving too many miles.

Leased vehicles generally have lower monthly payments but there is the possibility of being assessed a charge for minor damage such as dents and scratches.

Ultimately, the decision will be based on how much money the company wants to spend and how they expect the cars to be used, regarding mileage and areas traveled.

For some, leasing is the best way to go and for others, a purchase is a better choice. The ultimate decision depends on the needs and expectations of the company.

The company has one additional option. If the money is available, it can just purchase the car, pay no interest and still retain the manufacturer’s warranty and perhaps save a little on insurance costs.


Be Your Own Boss and Reach for Your Dreams

0 Comments 09 August 2014

Getting a business off the ground in todays climate is something which can be extremely challenging, and only those with enough courage and motivation are willing to take part in such a venture. In addition to having some money, you would also need a stroke of luck which is something we absolutely have no control over. Also, one of the things about luck is that it can change in a split second. Therefore, investing your own hard-earned money into a start-up company might seem like a bleak prospect but after attending Business 2012 exhibition in London, I feel encouraged and determined to give it a shot.

The exhibition, for the most part, served as fertile ground for displaying start-up success stories. Apart from the more obvious ones, I was especially impressed with one example in particular, which in theory seemed like a model that is destined to fail, because at first glance, no money could be made from it.

Niche Website Development Ideas

The example in question was actually a series of websites which revolved around sharing stories, experiences and advice from people who worked in professions that are dedicated to helping others, while at the same time being criminally undervalued and underappreciated. One site looked at medical assistant salaries and job prospects – have a look here. Following on with the medical format offers a broader look at various nurse specialties from Registered nurses to Nurse Practitioners. The business idea is not limited to medical careers but they can highlight how strange little sub niches can actually prove to have successful and well followed websites. Both these sites make money from advertizing revenue and appear to be quite lucrative.

While there is a general opinion that the possibility of making money online has died down significantly, there are still exceptions which prove that a great idea can also be one that is financially successful. The only thing that is different is that it is a bit more complex to achieve good results than it was before. But, what I have been able to take away from attending the Business 2012 exhibition is that there are still numerous ways of making money online, with little or no money needed to get your business going.

Everything still functions the same way, but you have to be more creative if you want to turn your idea into a profitable business venture. Also, one of the burning questions is: Is it worth it? And the answer is: yes. There is really no limit as to how much you earn, but it’s not solely about the money. There are other benefits which are a lot more important. For starters, you will be your own boss. No boss breathing down your neck, no deadlines. You can’t get fired. You can choose to work from home, join a co-working community or rent office space. The choice is yours.

On the flipside, your income and your success is closely connected to your motivation and the amount of work you put in. But, there is something else about it. Once you are working for yourself, you will be more invested in it. If you are working for someone else, especially if it’s a large company, you are completely detached from the final product. In fact, most people nowadays don’t even know what the company they work for does. The part where you see something you made make profit is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world, and you can feel it again.


Business 2012 Exhibition: How an Online Presence Can Help Your Business

0 Comments 07 August 2014

Attending the Business 2012 exhibition in London has taught me a great deal of things, but one stands out from the rest: the internet. The power of the World Wide Web is huge and still has a long way to develop before it approaches anything like its peak. Some would argue it has already surpassed the television in that respect and I would agree. Not only is it equal to or larger in scope, but it is also more accessible to anyone with an internet connection. The growth in smart phone sales has taken things to a new level – now people are accessing the internet wherever they go, it is no longer limited to the home.

In the past, if you had a product or service you wanted to advertise or perhaps a message you wanted to get across to a large number of people, getting on TV to do so would have been a Herculean task, or it would require a great deal of money. The internet has transformed advertizing in many ways.

Luckily, nowadays, you can sell your product and offer your service to people by simply setting up a website or a blog, and promoting it via social networks such Facebook or Twitter. You can also sell it through Amazon. Perhaps the best thing about it is the fact is that will not only cost you very little, but you can also make additional cash. Strategically placed ads on your website can earn you a considerable amount.

Small Niches – the Elliptical Trainer Example

Before you are quick to point out that it only works for businesses that are oriented toward the digital realm, such as web design, software engineering and so on, just consider a different business model which has really taken off online. Websites promoting products and reviewing them for the public have become very popular – people like to know if a product they are interested in is any good, and seek the opinions of others – online. Have a look at this example – it reviews elliptical trainers aimed at the home gym market. You might be surprised, as I was, that such a small subject could be the focus of a dedicated website. That’s the beauty of this model – with small setup costs, websites can be profitable in often obscure, specific areas of expertise. This website covers everything you can imagine about elliptical machines and makes money through advertizing. Store owners should take note, and get online before they miss the opportunity.

If you own a shop that sells sports equipment, or a gym, promoting it online is definitely the way to go, but you have to offer your clients a lot more than just a digital flyer for your business. Try out a different approach. If your business is fitness-related, populate your website with content that is worth reading and offers something your clients consider valuable. If you are good with words, start up a blog and share your knowledge on the subject with your potential clients. If writing is not one of your strong suits, you can always hire someone else to do it on a part-time basis. The internet is full of freelance writers that would be more than capable to do this for you and it won’t cost you the world. Articles on proper nutrition and dieting, workout programs or general health can be a great way of attracting new customers. And it works for just about any type of business not just the fitness market.

That is the main thing that has stuck in my mind after attending the Business exhibition in London. You can’t just rely on investing money into something and simply leave it like that, hoping it will take off. You have to extend your reach into other areas as well. Only then can you expect to make a more significant impact. The business world is constantly changing and evolving, and one needs to adopt new methods and models on the go if they want to keep up. Those that do are more likely to succeed. You can be among them.


Business Vehicle insurance 101

0 Comments 06 August 2014

Photo by Tom

A business insurance program should not be without vehicle insurance, regardless if the business requires one or many vehicles. Insurance purchases in Australia do not differ much from that of other big Western nations. Typically, insurance providers offer separate coverage type based on the drivers to be insured and the number of vehicles. It is also mandated by the government to acquire a basic CTP or Compulsory Third Party insurance. Other types of coverage can be availed separately on other plans.

Why Do you Need Business Insurance?

Auto insurance provides businesses and organizations protection against unforeseen loss such as employee injuries, lawsuits, business delays liability to others, and even death. With a business that uses trucks and other vehicles on the road, you will never be truly free from accidents. Having car insurance prepares your company for sudden financial obligations resulting from these unfortunate events. Instead of using you capital to face the risks, the insurer compensates for the damage. You can have a plan that covers the car and the employee driving it, the medical bills if someone gets hurt and the damage to other vehicle or property. You can even be insured for other drivers that have no insurance.

Lower Down your Monthly Premium

Most insurance policies combine different types of coverage depending on the specific needs of a business. Before purchasing insurance, be sure to know if certain coverage is practical to buy. Several factors affect the price of business car insurance, and to get a good deal, you can find ways to lower your premium based on these factors. For instance, insurers consider driving record. As an employer, you should hire only drivers with clean driving record. Choice of vehicle is also weighed, so choose mid-sized sedans and other safe vehicles. You can also have lower premiums by having a higher deductible. Install safety and alarm devices in your vehicles. These could reduce your monthly car insurance rates. Features such as alarms, air bags, GPS tracking and other devices will not only protect you but save you big bucks as well.

There are many car insurance providers for commercial customers. If you want to get the best deals, take advantage of some of the tools you can use online to view and compare rates from reputable insurers. There are even websites that will help you find the best insurance providers in the market. This way, you can have the best vehicle for your company and save money on your insurance.

Have you ever heard about third party car insurance? Find out the three variations of 3rd party cover by clicking here.


Starting up a Welding and Fabrication Business

0 Comments 04 August 2014

Starting up a welding and fabrication business can be quite the daunting task. Before you can even begin to think of running one, you need to be both a professionally qualified welding expert from a certified welding school, aware of all the nuances of the art of welding, and a shrewd business mind able to formulate a sound plan and act on it. Here are some tips for turning your startup welding / fabrication business into a success:


Market and Purpose

The first thing you need to think about when you’re starting a welding shop is its intended purpose – ideally, this purpose should be the utilization and cultivation of your specialist welding qualifications to perform those welding jobs which have few or no existing competition. This will ensure that your shop attracts customers from the start.

Besides this, make sure that you start your business in a locale where the intended market is substantial, easily accessible, diversified and consistent – having a rocky clientele can spell doom for any startup, not just welding and fabricating businesses.

You should lay out your business’s purpose in clear terms for it to be easily marketable/promotable from the start. All startup businesses require effort focused on their specialties in order to thrive.


Business Plan

The majority of welding and fabrication shop startups tend to ignore this stage of development, or are altogether unaware of it. This leads to a good deal of financial setbacks and errors which they have to cope with extra effort and money.

Basically, a business plan is a financial road map for your startup that clarifies your business’s engagements, programs, goals and means of employment. Not only is a well formed business plan crucial for convincing banks to lend money to your startup, but it also helps to elucidate the crux of your business.

A business plan will aid you in understanding and assessing your idea to distinguish between its strengths and weaknesses.



As far as production is concerned, your best bet will be to specialize – this means that you should pick out a core set of welding/fabrication activities where you have an edge over the competition, perhaps because you have taken a specialized course e.g. aluminum MIG welding / stainless steel, cast iron repair, etc.

You should also think about making products of your own. As a startup, you don’t need to work with expensive high quality materials – simple low carbon steel will do just fine. Making your own products will give you the ability to charge better prices compared to contracting for other outfits. Examples of some welding/fabrication products which have a consistent, considerable demand include gates, railings and home décor objects. Be sure to add a signature touch to all products that you create which will make your business stand apart from the competition.

If manufacturing isn’t your thing, for instance, if you have a specialization in advanced repair techniques (e.g. heads/blocks of aluminum engines), you may go into the repair business – just make sure that there is a market for that sort of thing in the location you choose.



Clearly, this combination isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’ve got your heart set on kick-starting your welding business, then be prepared for lots of hard work, planning and persistence. Your tenacity will be rewarded with a sense of professional accomplishment, aside from a decent amount of profit.


Proper job description and training are vital to business success

0 Comments 01 August 2014

In jobs there sometimes is a certain ambiguity which surrounds positions as employees can become confused about what exactly their remit is. They have different responsibilities but it is fair to assume that these tasks will overlap at some point in their careers. If job roles are clearly defined, then a company can act as a more cohesive unit with everyone clear about what they need to do, and they can all act as an effective team unit which functions at the optimum level. There are no disagreements between employees if they know exactly what they have to do and no blaming other people if they do not complete a task.

Perhaps the most clear distinction which needs to be made is between a medical biller and coder. They both form part of the insurance claims process which patients of healthcare institutions, such as hospitals, are entitled to. They are important roles which are paramount in hospitals.

A medical coder translates the physician’s diagnosis using the appropriate coding into an easy to understand form. Considering there are over 14,000 codes to debunk, this is quite a highly skilled role. Firstly, the coder looks at the patient’s information and determines the type and nature of the condition they are suffering from. Then they get the codes from the database and input them into the system. They then make sure that they have put the codes in correctly by reviewing them thoroughly. They are also responsible for administration and sorting paperwork out. They have to be competent in many coding programs and have the technological acumen to sort things out.

Conversely, a medical biller deals with the next stage, after a coder. They actually submit the claim to the insurance company and deal with all the paperwork and administration pertaining to it. They also must possess the required level of interpersonal skills to liaise appropriately with the insurance providers and people of an array of ages. They have to write reports and review patients’ claims and ensure that they are accurate, whilst ensuring that they act within the mandatory guidelines which the eminent bodies stipulate. They also have to advise patients throughout the process to and make sure that they are up to speed with how the claim is progressing.

Essentially, medical coders decode the diagnosis component of the claim and medical billers review and submit the claim. Another way of looking at it is that medical coders deal with the Science part of the claim whilst the medical billers deal with the numerical and legal aspects of it.

A great site for more information on both is It will even give you an idea of the current salary for each area.

It is also important to make sure that people have the required level of training for the job they are being employed for. Experience is a factor in this and they should have the right level of qualifications and education commensurate with the role that they are being hired for. Education and experience are everything and perhaps the most eminent criteria when deciding to hire someone.

Hiring a photographer illustrates this perfectly. Being a photographer is a highly skilled profession with a lot of minute aspects coming to the fore. Taking a photo requires someone to be skilled in getting the correct amount of light, shade, angle of elevation/depression and color to get the photo just right. As such, this is a multitude of variables to consider simultaneously. This means that the person employed to do this should be certified in the right manner.

This entails them going on the required photography courses to ensure that they are up to the level required and that they have developed such a competency in their craft that they become reliable and will always take good photos. Consistency is a key buzzword in photography and ideally the photographer should be able to take good photos on a regular basis, without any errors or faults. This means that the editing process is accelerated and things run smoother. As well as taking the right photo, photographers should also have some proficiency in editing the photo as even if the image is of good quality, they might still need to tinker with it slightly. Photography is a very fine art and you need someone who is very logical and demands high standards in their work, something which will be resultant from attending the required photography courses such as those offered at


Office Maintenance 101 for Start-Ups

0 Comments 23 July 2014

There are a lot of factors why businesses succeed and fail, and one of the common factors that can make them succeed or fail is office maintenance. Keeping your business afloat is more than just attracting customers and making more money on top of your overhead expenses. Office maintenance just so happens to be the controlling factor of your overhead expenses – the more maintenance that you do, the less your overhead expenses will be. Some business owners make the mistake of ignoring office maintenance. What happens next is that their overhead expenses climb up and their income goes down because of the increase expenses. As a result, they go bankrupt without even knowing that they always had a fighting chance.

Apart from paying your employees, there are other things that are considered as overhead expenses. Your electricity, water, Internet, and even gas bills are part of your overhead expenses. Half of your effort on office maintenance should be focused on these utility bills, and half of it should be on repairs.

In an effort to kickstart your office maintenance, you need to inspect your appliances first – from your water heater to your computers. The reason why you need to inspect them is to check for signs of water leaks or faulty wiring. Any one of these problems can cause your utility bills to go up, so you need to check and do the necessary repairs or replacement. Do this at least once a month so you will always keep your overhead expenses in check. It also helps you run your business smoother. Keeping your appliances in good condition will also help minimize the occurrence of replacing them. For example a water heater can last up to 5 to 10 years, depending on usage and care.

Office furniture should be part of your maintenance checklist. Keeping them in tip-top shape can do wonders for your business, especially in helping you save money. When you keep your furniture in good condition, you won’t be replacing them as often as you’d like. At best, you can have an ergonomic chair last for 5 years without needing any replacement if you take good care of it. Like your appliances, the goal here is to maximize the lifespan of your office furniture. Remember that by not spending $100 on a new desk, you are already up by $100 in your income (given that it’s money that’s not spent on expenses).

As part of office maintenance, instead of replacing, you can always do other things like repainting or reupholstering. If your leather couch for your guests is looking bad, reupholstering it can help you save money instead of buying a new couch. A new couch can cost you $1000 and reupholstering can cost $200, so you can save a lot of money when you go for the latter. Repainting or retouching your office desks also helps you save a lot of money.

Office maintenance is no synonymous to replacement, but it should only be done when there’s a need to. A broken water heater can no longer serve its purpose so keeping it around just because you want to save money is not a good idea.

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