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How to Insure a Business Vehicle

0 Comments 27 June 2014

Being one of the more important purchases anyone can make, a vehicle not only makes travelling in a more convenient way, but it also helps you become more productive and efficient. This is why many people choose to purchase cars, especially for business purposes. For those who are thinking of purchasing a car for your business, here are tips on how you can insure your vehicle and how it differs from insuring a personal vehicle:

  • When getting an insurance policy for your vehicle, it is important to look at the possible usage of the vehicle. If you are to use your car for personal use, then the standard insurance policy will suffice. But if you will use it for business purposes, then you might want to invest in a business car insurance policy. Although business car insurances are more costly, it is best to get a policy which has a more comprehensive coverage. That way you are rest assured that you are protected in case of any emergency.
  • Do not try to save up on the monthly payments by getting a personal insurance for a vehicle that is used for business purposes. Business car insurance policies are more expensive as they are more comprehensive. Since business vehicles are used for longer periods of time and go through many “change of hands”, it is best to invest in a policy that can be fully maximized in case any of the employees meet some problem on the road.
  • When choosing a business car insurance policy, it is important to see the details of the coverage. Unlike with personal insurance policies which have standard guidelines for their coverage, most business car insurance policies are more diverse. Some insurance policies are more beneficial for those motorists who need to make deliveries or use the vehicle as their main mode of making money such as taxi drivers. Should your vehicle be a key player in your business process, then it would be best to look into commercial car insurance policies. Just make sure you do your due diligence before signing up for any insurance policy.
  • As different types of vehicles have different purposes, it is also good to look into the appropriate insurance policy for your vehicle. With a personal insurance policy, you would just have the usual basic coverage. However it will be different with business car insurance. Should your business entail the use of a truck and a car, then those particular vehicles will have different purposes. As they would be used for different functions, then different kinds of coverage would be needed to suit the kind of vehicle.


Auditing Your Home Office for Productivity

0 Comments 27 June 2014

Having a home office might be one of the easiest ways out for parents who want to work and take care of their children at the same time. It is also a way to reduce the cost for an office space. Instead of renting out an office space in a commercial building where rental fees soar high, a home office reduces the expenses. When you own a home office, you will also have huge deductibles in terms of taxes. In short, the list of advantages in having your own office can go on and on. However, no matter how advantageous it may seem, it also has a few down sides.

To start with, you have to make sure that your office at home looks like a real office and not just an office and a house at the same time. There are strict policies regarding tax deductions for home offices. Since you are working at home, you need to ensure that the place looks really professional. All the homey stuff should be left in a different room. You also need to make the room look like a real office as much as possible.

Decorating the Office

You have to make sure that your office has a waiting area for the clients and a place where you can privately do transactions with them. You should also have a place that is huge enough should people come and go more often. The entrance must also look very professional.

In terms of office fixtures, you need to get something that is quite plain and professional. Don’t decorate your office in the same way that you decorate your home. You need a couch where your clients can wait and tables where you can put magazines and other items for them to read. You need to have a desk, cabinet, drawer, huge table and a computer set. These items will make the room look like a real office.

Keep the Kids Out

Once you are done decorating, the next thing to do is to make sure that you don’t let your kids bother you while working. Get someone to take care of them while you are at work. Tell them not to play around or to mess the fixtures up.

There are a lot of things to consider for a home office and you need to really do them.


How to Run a Hotel as an Owner/Manager

0 Comments 27 June 2014

Photo by Jason Ballard and reproduced under Creative Commons

Running a hotel may seem like a good idea, and in fact it really is as long as you are well prepared to enter in this kind of business. If you are, then it should be a lot of fun for you; but at the same time, it will definitely need a lot of hard work and much effort to make it work.

This kind of business will require you to have more than passion. Most importantly you will need to have a lot of capital to keep it going for you as there will be so much maintenance and other expenses along the way.

To have a hotel business, you will need to know about managing your cash flow efficiently. Additionally,  you must know be knowledgeable about making financial projections for the future; and by future we mean next month, next quarter and next year.

Having cash flow projection is very necessary because it makes you have an idea on where your finances stand.  List down all your expenditures and take note of all the improvements that you are planning to make.  Aside from these, also take into account your loan interests as well as the principal payments. Start with your cash on hand and then take into account all your upcoming receivables from other resources.

Make sure that you write all the details for the cash outlay.  If you sense that you will have a shortfall on your finances, plan ahead and loan if you must.  Remember that it is always better to ready.

More than money, there are also other things that you must consider when running a hotel business.  Before you even start, have a feasible business plan so that you will have a guide.  Choose your location very well and if possible choose a place where there is something interesting for you and your clients.  Check your competitors as well and it would be nice if you learn a new language so you can communicate with your foreign clients.

Know your business type because this will determine your staffing needs, and be aware of employment laws in your area.


Find Your Passion In Business – How I started A Sports Tipping Service

0 Comments 10 July 2014

Getting a job of your dreams, i.e. something that interests you is not very easy. A lot of people scour the online and offline job market tirelessly but are unable to find a suitable job. Therefore, instead of waiting around for the perfect job, why not set up a company yourself and pursue your passion? Being in today’s twenty first century, starting a small business is not a herculean tasks as there are plenty of help out there. Sports betting has always been something that is hugely popular. A lot of people make serious ROIs on sports betting, which is why it is profitable to start a sports tipping service yourself.

It goes without saying that starting up a sports tipping service like does not just happen out of the blue. One needs to put in a lot of hard work and research in order to carry out the steps needed to create a company and get started with sports tipping. Of course, having inspiration during this planning stage definitely makes a lot of difference in the end result. As for me, I was inspired mostly by the Business 2012 exhibition that took place in London. The exhibition completely blew my mind and opened it up to new dimensions which I never thought was possible. After attending the conference, I felt that it is high time I open up a sports tipping service and bid goodbye to my struggling days. I would recommend this conference to any prospective entrepreneurs who have the passion but need expert guidance along the way in the journey of setting up their own businesses.

If you are starting a sports tipping service then you might as well put in some extra effort in order to ensure that your business has a good foundation; otherwise, it would simply defeat the purpose of starting up such a business in the first place! It is always a safe bet (pun intended) to draw up a plan trying to decide on the steps you should take in order to grow your business. You can also set a long-term goal, say for five years in order to ensure that your business does well and its development is not stunted. Next, you will need to hire some tipsters. Since a sports tipping service is primarily about providing tips on betting to people therefore the tipsters that you hire can make or break your business! So, be sure to choose wisely!

Alternatively, you can also be a tipster yourself if you are particularly skilled in sports betting pertaining to a particular sport or two. This way, you can be a specialized sports tipping service instead of being one that covers multiple sports. This is a better solution as it helps in cutting down the costs of running the business as you won’t need to pay the hired expert tipsters a good sum of money in order to retain them. As your business grows, you can then hire more tipsters along the way and expand your sports niche but it is always advisable to take baby steps during the initial period when you are still stabilizing your business.


How One Man Took A Forklift Company To The Stars

0 Comments 04 July 2014

I love watching small businesses start up and turn into big businesses, and recently I found a great example. A man who started as a forklift driver working for a forklift company, and who ended up running an entire fleet of forklifts of his own.

He got his forklift licence at the age of 16, in Australia, here, and spent 7 years working as a forklift driver for a warehousing company gaining considerable experience. He distinguished himself as being the best forklift driver in the company and always turned in more hours and did better work than any other driver.

However this man was going somewhere and after gaining considerable experience as a driver decided it was important to learn more about forklifts and studied to become a forklift mechanic.

And, after he had been qualified as a forklift mechanic, he decided it was time to expand his horizons. He took out a small loan and purchased his first forklift, and has been going uphill ever since. Since that first forklift, 3 years ago, he has expanded his business and now has a fleet of 25 machines which he owns outright and which are rented. He’s a budding entrepreneur who is going places.

His forklift rental business now turns over in excess of $1 million a year. He’s moved from being a 16 year-old forklift driver to the owner of a multi million dollar business.

Of course not everybody can do this, you need the drive, vision and personality to see your vision through to its conclusion. However driven people like this young man are able to take an idea and run with it to the point where they are able to establish themselves in a significant business.

This man is not yet 30 years old, and already runs a debt free business that will earn him considerable amounts of money into the future. I am entirely convinced that this is only the start, that once the business reaches a certain point he will turn over management of the business to someone else and start another business.

And I’m also equally confident that this man has the drive, passion and vision to turn himself into a serious businessman.

This is a great lesson for any young man or woman. You can start right from the bottom, like this young man did at the age of 16, as a forklift driver, and you can shoot for the stars. Provided you’ve got the energy and drive to succeed nothing is impossible.

There seems to be bad news everywhere. Unemployment is high, people are struggling and debts are rising. Bankruptcies are on the increase and everybody seems to be borrowing money just to stay afloat.

But this experience of one young man demonstrates so clearly that even when times are difficult it’s perfectly possible to take a great business idea and run with it and turn yourself into a rich man. It’s not for everybody, however there are plenty of people who will still be able to turn themselves into a success no matter how tough the times.

Maybe that will be you.

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Health and Fitness Industry Careers Make Sense

0 Comments 04 July 2014

Getting fit, working out and staying healthy has become mainstream over the past several years. More and more people become more conscious and aware of the state of their bodies that they devote much more time in staying fit. Gyms, health clubs and the likes have gained more popularity, and different types of workouts tailored for different kinds of fitness needs have been introduced.

Fitness enthusiasts are not the only ones that benefit from getting fit, but instructors, trainers and gurus as well. Who would supervise clients if not for the fitness trainers, right?

The health and fitness industry is a very lucrative industry especially in places where looking good and fit, not to mention healthy, is of paramount importance. Probably the most enticing factor in working in the health and fitness industry is that you do not have to study for years and years to get a degree. There are both short and long courses that award certificates on different kinds of fitness courses that allow those interested to work as fitness trainers.

Those who wish to belong in the health and fitness industry can commence their careers after they have completed the necessary courses related to their field of fitness regimen that they will offer to clients. They can either apply in health clubs all over the place or start their very own fitness club where they can start a client base and eventually expand their horizons and branch out.

There are different kinds of fitness careers that you can choose from. You can be a personal trainer, a yoga instructor, gym instructor, Zumba fitness instructor, etc. If you do not have a specific type of fitness regimen in mind yet, you can research and choose the best one that you can teach future clients.

Starting a business in fitness requires persistence and patience if you want your business to take off. Just like any other type of business, you have to build a loyal client base and from there, work on acquiring more client through word of mouth, advertisements and endorsements.

The health and fitness industry is a very lucrative industry and anyone can succeed with the right attitude, determination and work ethic. People who seek employment in this industry will not only have the satisfaction of working in their chosen field, but the fulfillment that they will gain from helping their clients reach their fitness goals and help them get healthy and fit and stay fit all throughout, is way more than any monetary reward.


5 U.S. Startup Technology Companies of 2014

0 Comments 30 June 2014

1. ShipHawk

ShipHawk was launched in late 2013 but has really made it’s mark in 2014. Co-Founders Jeremy Bodenhamer and Aaron Freeman set out to accomplish 1 goal: To make shipping easy, for everyone. They’re well on their way to reaching this goal, making the ability to ship anything to anywhere in the US as easy as just a few clicks.

They’ve established a core team of some of the smartest minds in the industry to spearhead their developement team in order to make the easiest and most user friendly shipping application that takes care of everything from packing to delivery times.


STRADOS was launched in February 2014 by Nishanth Samala, a 21-year old student at the Illinois Institute of Technology. It is an app that aims to help people understand what their car wants and is actually telling them! This is an amazing technology that smokes the competition.

STRADOS utilizes a low-energy, Bluetooth-enabled device – dubbed the Translator – that is plugged into your car’s diagnostics port to translate its data into emotions, text and colors that reveal its health. If and when something is wrong with your car, STRADOS will analyze the issue and come up with solutions, as well as cost estimates and a rating of how severe the problem is such that when the driver wants to get it fixed, they are armed with proper knowledge.

With time, the smart software gains more knowledge about your car such that it will be capable of giving a pre-emptive warning to the driver before the car’s systems can reach a point of failure.


After the acquisition of VirtuOz – a virtual assistant for over-the-Internet sales, marketing and support – by the voice-technology giant, Nuance, its founder and CEO Alexandre LeBrun is back with his newest kid for the year 2014′s technology market, WIT.AI.

WIT.AI is an API platform that enables the incorporation of a natural language interface and speech recognition capabilities into any mobile app or piece of hardware.

Voice may be the future breakthrough in how we control those devices that are too small for keyboards like ear-buds and watches.

WIT.AI has a voice interface API that developers can use to enable voice command into their apps. These capabilities could allow them to offer voice search and hardware-control-without-buttons to their apps.


Have you ever thought of being able to sync your computer and your phone so that you can, for instance, look at the phone’s notifications directly from the computer? PUSHBULLET is aiming to achieve exactly that, using push notifications!

With the new app, you can also respond to other devices farther away using the device you are currently using, including web notifications, thanks to a Google Chrome and Firefox extension.

PUSHBULLET also enables you to transfer files back and forth between the phone and the computer, as well as enabling the turning of changes on a website into push notifications, even for sites that do not have a mobile app. For instance, you can enable it to alert you when Nike updates a new kind of shoes onto their online sales platform.

Though PUSHBULLET is not the first app to enable the pushing of notifications from a handset to a computer, it is the first to combine all the above capabilities into a single easy to configure package.


Weave was launched on February 19th, 2014 by Brandon Rodman, Jared Rodman and Clint Berry looking to capitalize on the trend that is currently gaining a lot of impetus in the business world: cloud computing.

The cost of adopting enterprise-grade software and services – which includes license renewals, software upgrades, support and maintenance – is prohibitive for most small and lean businesses. Today, a startup business is able to adopt the kind of tools and services that were a few years ago a reserve of big companies.

WEAVE is particularly targeting dentists, chiropractors and accountants to integrate with their existing CRM systems and offer access to SMS, voice and email services in a single interface and package. They’re currently vaporizing any competitor in the niche because they are truly ahead of the game.

Though WEAVE founders designed it with dentists in mind, they are looking to modularize the platform so as to expand into other areas.


Pet Insurance is Big Business

0 Comments 26 June 2014

Photo by Chris Potter and reproduced under Creative Commons

The industry of pet insurance has been around for long and has been very popular among pet owners that love and make sure their pets are always taken care of and covered in case a long-term disease and other health-related problems.

So what is pet insurance to begin with? A pet insurance simply works like health insurance. As the pet owner who wants his or her pet insured, you would need to pay, in partial or in full, for a veterinary treatment and then file for a claim at their insurance provider. The insurance allows owners to use services included in the policy anywhere in the country. Veterinarians can advise pet owners regarding the best kind of insurance to get considering the health conditions of their pet. The coverage of the insurance and its benefits varies to cater specific needs of pets and their owners. Read about pet insurance reviews by visiting this website.

The first benefit that pet insurance offers is that it saves you a fortune. Once you get your pets covered with insurance, it can help you with expensive medical services. So imagine, you pay for a monthly premium at a reasonable price and when your pet needs medical attention, you would only have to pay for the little deducted fee. This is very beneficial especially when your pet needs an emergency operation or medical assistance that will be very expensive if your pet is not on insurance.

Second benefit that pet insurance has to offer is that it is flexible. It comes with different policies that can cater to different owner and pet needs. There are policies that can cover a wide range of veterinarian services as well as medications. There are ones that can cover your pet while they are with you on a travel. There are also premium policies that are all-inclusive which means that all emergencies, medications and procedures your pet may need one day will be covered.

Another great benefit of having a pet insurance is having your beloved animal’s offspring covered as well. There are special policies, even customizable ones, wherein your pet’s offspring will be insured as well. Since pets are very vulnerable during their first weeks, this kind of policy is just very helpful if you want to ensure their safety.

There are also policies that can protect you, the owner, against any lawsuit in case your pet caused harm to another person. The benefits of getting a pet insurance are just numerous – all for the safety and welfare of your beloved pet and your own as well. Read and find out about pet insurance guide, more here.


Join the Home Business Revolution

0 Comments 20 June 2014

Photo by nikcname and reproduced under Creative Commons

Since the advent of the Internet, nothing has been the same for businesses. Information has become readily available to us, making work so much more efficient and convenient. Communication between countries has become easier with the use of email and other communication tools. Best about it all is that businesses no longer need to be in actual office spaces for it to function well. A lot of businesses can operate from the comfort of one’s home, making it easier for both business owners and employees.

So for those who are interested in starting an online business, here are some of the benefits to starting a home based business, which is why many people are starting to work from home:

  • Higher productivity due to lesser travel time. When working from home, you spend lesser time on the road and more time focusing on the tasks on hand. By commuting to work, you tend to spend a lot of time on the road, making you tired and drained. But with the help of telecommuting, you will be able to finish more work in a lesser amount of time. You get more rest, which makes you more efficient.
  • A lot of savings on operational costs. In traditional businesses, you will need to spend a sizable amount on operational expenses, due to salaries of staff and rent of office space. But by working from home, you can cut down all those operational costs in half. All you need is a stable internet connection and a desktop computer or laptop and you are good to go. Should you need extra staff, you can just hire one to work from home as well.
  • Flexible working hours. One of the best things about working from home is the flexible working hours. You are no longer confined to the usual 8 to 5 shift you need to follow, should you be working in an office. You can work during the hours you feel you can be most productive, thus giving great work output.
  • Chances to earn and learn more. By working from home, you will have the leisure to explore more opportunities. To aid in your professional growth, you can seek higher learning by attending other classes, as you can arrange your schedule to ensure that there is no conflict in the schedule. Moreover, you can also seek other business opportunities as you will have more time on hand.
  • Work life balance. One of the biggest problems most employees face would be the inability to attain a good work life balance. As you spend most of the time in the office, you will lose time with your children and family. This causes employees a lot of undue stress, as they wish to attend to their families’ needs. But by working at home, you can have the best of both worlds. You can work from home, while attending your children’s soccer games and looking after your spouse.

Find out the top Australian work from home ideas through this website,


Guide to Getting Fit for Business

0 Comments 20 June 2014

Photo by Steven Depolo and reproduced under Creative Commons

It’s perfectly understandable: you want to pursue your dreams and follow on what you have started. You work 16 hour days, seven days a week because hey! It’s your own business. You’re not slaving off to make money for someone else to spend. This is your own and you’re making sure that it becomes successful so that you can retire financially secure and your family’s future is assured as well.

Chasing Health not Wealth

Sometimes in the pursuit of business success, people often set aside healthy eating habits and exercise time. Most of the time, they just grab whatever is nearest to satisfy hunger pangs and cravings. Overly rich or sugary foods is often the first choice – since we all admit that they taste really good. The downside to this is that weight gain is often very rapid and the accumulation of belly fat, or killer visceral fat as they call it, is inevitable.

Question is, it possible to be financially successful and still be healthy? The answer is yes. Here are four tips that you can follow:

  1. Always eat a healthy breakfast. No matter how busy you may be, always power on with a good breakfast. It doesn’t have to be heavy. Nowadays people take a green smoothie and a handful of muesli and they’re good to go. What’s important is you take something instead of running on empty. When your body is fueled properly from the get go, the craving for sweets and calorie-laden foods is also lessened.
  1. Pack a sandwich or salad for lunch. Take away food is often the most dangerous because when you’re hungry and in a rush, you tend to just go for the fastest option and that is almost always junk food. Prepare a sandwich before going to bed or a salad (separate the dressing) so you can grab and go when you leave for work. There’s most likely a fridge in your place of work. If not, buy a small insulated bag and leave it at your desk.
  1. Walk as much as you can. Park on the far end of the parking lot and climb stairs as often as you can. If you can’t find the time to work out, this will help increase your daily physical activity. When you don’t have time to walk outside, you can try exercising using rowing machine, this website aim is to provide the latest reviews about the best rowing machine in Australia. Find out now by clicking here!
  1. Drink plenty of water. Instead of sodas and juices, take plain water throughout the day. It makes you feel full and not bloated unlike carbonated drinks.

These are just four tips you can follow to become more fit and healthy while you’re busy making your dreams come true. If you’ve tried everything and it still fails, you may opt to try lap band surgery.

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